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This is the screen that you arrive at

From the list of Activities you choose
[Competition] for Casual play
Or an event eg Rhiwbina Bridge Club
You can find out more about the event when you click it and choose the Info button

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Playing with Friends - "Casual" play

After clicking SERVE TABLE (start a table) set the options you want.





  Three basic cards are available Standard Acol ACBL (5 card majors) & Benji Acol

These are needed for WBU competitions

For No Fear and Rhiwbina Club Relaxed Club sessions accept the card



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Registering to play an event in the club



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Playing an event in the club

Board 140 – You are North (bottom of screen). North/South vul (‘red tag against name’) showing North (blue name) at his turn to bid.
The bidding tray will disappear when North has made his bid.
At your turn to bid, your name is shown in pale blue, and you are presented with a ‘bidding tray’ from which you select your bid and then press ’ok’.
The system prevents you from making an inadmissible bid.

Board 140 – You are North. West is playing in 1♣, and has won 3 tricks, lost 2, and the 6th. trick is just being finished (the auction tray is shown, but can optionally be hidden during the play)
At the end of each hand the result for the board will be automatically displayed (previous boards played can be shown via ‘View’ ‘Competition results’).
After the end of the competition, players will be emailed their personal results.

Tony Haworth

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Changing settings

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StepBridge Menus

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Function Keys

Key Meaning
View bidding
View last trick